STM Charters is recognized as the industry leader in providing meaningful travel-related solutions for a wide variety of travelers. When you’re ready for a private plane charter, STM Charters fulfills over 1,000 charters annually, moving in excess of 38,000 passengers overall. 

Short’s Travel Management has been ascending through the travel industry since 1946. In 2007, it created a new division specializing in air charter: STM Charters. In all our years in business, we’ve heard and answered every imaginable question from our clients. We are happy to have anyone fly with us, from novices to seasoned, global nomads. To help you prepare for your next private plane charter, we’ve assembled the most common questions travelers ask.

Are Private Plane Charters Safe? 

Our most important considerations are your privacy and safety when utilizing our air charter services. Unlike other private jet companies, we never advertise or promote Colleges, Universities, or any clients on our website and marketing materials. We promote our unique brand of service and customer experience by being who we are, and by exceeding your expectations, one trip at a time, every time. 

Moreover, each private plane charter through STM Charters has undergone on-site safety audits through ARGUS International, an independent auditor. The ARGUS CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) program is the most accurate and comprehensive due diligence system for private jet companies and passengers around the world. 

In addition, all aircraft operators and pilots must also meet the FAA Part 135 Regulation and hold a current Operating Certificate. 

Where Do Private Plane Charters Land? 

At STM Charters, we customize personal jet charter solutions for your specific travel needs, including flights to nearly any destination worldwide. There are tens of thousands of airports located throughout the world. Each airport and aircraft chosen for your trip have different sets of rules and regulations. 

For example, when taking off and landing a private plane, your personal jet may need a particular amount of runway length. On international charter flights, charters will need to travel through a customs airport when entering and exiting a country. Some commercial airports may accommodate larger wide body jets, while other private and executive airports may have much smaller and more narrow runways. 

Are There Extra Fees for Private Plane Charters

There are several factors that are included when booking a private plane charter. Among them are: 

  • Type of aircraft needed/desired for your charter 
  • Travel distance / location 
  • Passenger count 
  • Runway availability 
  • Scheduling 
  • Weather 

These and other factors are generally fluid, so that the costs for private charters are always changing. For more information about costs and fees, complete the online form to request a quote. 

What Type of Aircraft are Available for Private Plane Charters

STM Charters can book the following aircraft that will seat up to 19 passengers and come in a wide range of luxurious configurations. 

  • Gulfstream G550 – Seats up to 19 passengers in a VIP configuration with 6,700 nm range
  • Bombardier Global 6000 – Seats up to 13 passengers in a VIP configuration with 6,000 nm range
  • Bombardier Challenger 604 – Seats up to 19 passengers depending on configuration with 3,500 nm range
  • Citation Excel – Seats up to 9 passengers with a 2,100 nm range
  • Learjet 60 – Seats up to 8 passengers with a 2,500 nm range
  • Embraer Phenom 300 – Seats up to 6 passengers with 2,000 nm range
  • Beechjet 400A – Seats up to 9 passengers with 1,700 nm range
  • Pilatus PC-12 – Seats up to 9 passengers with a 1,700 nm range
  • Cessna 304 – Seats up to 5 passengers with a 1,400 nm range

For larger groups or different aircraft needs, including regional transport craft and airliner charters, contact STM Charters by using the online contact form

What are the Standards for Operating Private Jet Companies

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) holds charter operators — who transport people and property for hire — to high standards. Charter operations — also known as commuter and on demand operations — require a higher level of pilot training and certification, aircraft maintenance procedures, and operational safety rules than private pilots. 

Also, FAA inspectors perform more frequent periodic checks on charter companies’ pilots, crewmembers, and aircraft than they do on private pilot operations. And charter companies’ crewmembers must undergo regular proficiency checks to maintain their FAA certifications. All aircraft operators and pilots must meet the FAA Part 135 Regulation and hold a current Operating Certificate. 

The FAA also provides information and resources to help passengers ensure the private plane charter they hire is legitimate.

Can a Private Plane Charter Arrange for Ground Transportation at My Destination? 

For all manner of ground transport and other needs at your travel destination, contact our partner STMDRIVEN

For more information regarding sports, corporate, entertainment, group, or leisure air transport, contact STM Charters by completing the online form.

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