When your corporate, sports, or leisure group needs to make a trip, traveling by private jet is an option you shouldn’t discard out of concern for charter plane costs. Instead, take some time to calculate and compare private jet charter costs rather than send your entire group on a commercial flight. 

Here are the general cost factors to consider when planning a trip for your sports, leisure, or company group. 

Plane and Group Size 

The first consideration in figuring charter plane costs are the basic numbers of plane and group size. The size of your group will dictate the seating capacity of the plane you need. Obviously, the larger your group, the more seating will be required, and therefore, a larger plane. 

Larger airplanes cost more to operate in terms of crew, fuel, and other expenses. So, a larger group will increase your charter plane costs. However, your group’s needs may also impact the size and type of aircraft required. 

Type of Plane

After the basic size and seating capacity are determined, you need to select the type of plane your group wishes to charter. The size of your group will narrow down the choices somewhat, but there are still a number of aircraft available for different sized groups. 

Some smaller groups can utilize propeller-driven aircraft, while larger groups need a jet for adequate accommodations. Moreover, different aircraft will allow for various configurations to accommodate your group and its particular needs, such as special seating arrangements or convenience tables. 

Distance / Destination 

Your group’s planned destination and travel distance will figure significantly into charter plane costs. Every aircraft is designed to carry certain loads/capacities for certain distances safely. This will also affect the type of aircraft you must select as well as fuel costs, crew needs, and any destination-related costs. 


Various fees are charged to cover incidental expenses that are part or private plane travel. Among these could be the following: 

  • Landing fees – These vary by airport and usually depend on the size and weight of the aircraft. 
  • Ramp fees – If your aircraft must be parked at an airport for a length of time.
  • Federal Excise Tax
  • Wait time fees – These are charged for any time the aircraft is waiting for you at the airport. 
  • Short-trip fees – You may encounter this fee if your trip is less than a minimum distance. Short distances mean the aircraft has to fly at a lower altitude, which uses more fuel. 
  • Reposition fees – This fee basically pays to bring the aircraft from its home base to where your journey will begin. 
  • International fees for permits, customs, and taxes are added when you’re traveling to foreign countries.
  • Catered meals 
  • Cleaning fees should be expected if your pet soils the carpet or some other mishap occurs.

It’s a lot to consider, so reach out to your air charter service to request a quote or ask questions about how these fees affect your flight. 

Advantages vs. Charter Plane Costs 

With a group that travels to the same location yet travels separately, there are individual costs for each. Add to individual airfare the costs for carfare, food, extra luggage, and other incidental travel expenses. When your group charters an aircraft, the amenities are all included. No charges for extra luggage, overpriced airport food, separate rental cars, or other expenses. You have some control of charter plane costs because you choose the plane size and configuration your group will require. Flying private offers a range of sizes and luxury interiors, and you decide which is right for you.

Don’t fret about private jet charter cost without contacting STM Charters and getting the facts. Our expert team is ready to help you find the perfect aircraft for your needs and budget!