Booking & Pricing

How do I book a private jet with STM Charters?

Once a Quote Request is submitted, one of the STM Charters consultants will be returning to you with multiple options that will match your itinerary. To book your private jet charter, all you have to do is notify the consultant and they will confirm availability and issue a contract for your signature.

Is ground transporation included in private jet pricing?

Private Jet charters typically will have courtesy cars take you to and from the aircraft. Upon request, STM Charters can assist with providing further accommodations.

When should I book a private jet?

It’s best to start securing pricing and options for your private jet charter flights as soon as you’ve determined you might be traveling in the near future. If your exact departure dates and times are not certain, it’s perfectly fine to get an idea of what aircraft options and pricing will be. STM Charters is always happy to facilitate your requests, and help with your travel plans.

Is food included on the price of the charter?

Standard catering, including some alcohol, teas, coffees, soft drinks and snacks are included in your private jet charter.  If you desire special catering, STM Charters can provide pretty much any request big or small with enough lead time for preparation.

Can I change my itinerary after the charter is booked?

Yes, as long as the requested adjustments will fit into the schedule availability and the hours of operation at the airport. For last-minute trip changes your consultant will be able to assist with any requests.

What is an empty leg?

An empty leg is a segment where the aircraft is repositioning with no passengers on board. Empty legs are often the best deals you can get when chartering private jets!

How do I pay for my private jet?

We accept bank transfer and card payment. A deposit may need to be put down to secure your charter and that will be clarified once a charter is booked.

How much does a private jet charter cost?

Hourly charter rates vary from approximately $1,000 to $9,000 per flight hour, depending on the type of aircraft you require. The main factors that determine the total price of a jet charter are repositioning, length of flight, and the size/performance of the aircraft.

Luggage and What’s Allowed

Can I bring my pet on board the private jet?

Yes, pets can travel by private jet. Given their documents are up to date, your pets can depart from the numerous pet-friendly airports and enjoy the private jet experience right along with you.

Are children allowed to fly on private jets?

Yes, just as if you were flying commercially children are able to come along in private jets. The safety of you and your loved ones should always be your top priority so adult supervision is highly recommended when transporting children. Your air charter consultant will be able to provide you more information upon request to ensure your charter goes as smooth as possible.

Is smoking allowed on private jets?

You can always request that smoking be allowed on your private jet flight, although it will be at the discretion of the aircraft management firm and pilots if they will allow smoking on your flight.

How much luggage can I take on a private jet?

Each aircraft has a different luggage allowance so your consultant will notify you of the amount of space available for your luggage. You may also need to upgrade if carrying things like golf clubs and skis. If traveling with a gun, you will need to provide a license and the gun and ammunition must be kept separate. It is then at the captain’s decision whether it can be on board.

Can I take golf clubs with me on the private jet?

Yes, there are no baggage restrictions on private jets. Discuss your luggage requirements with your consultant beforehand and they will recommend an option that will fit your needs. Smaller planes typically have smaller cargo spaces, and this is something you need to factor in when choosing your aircraft. The security restrictions of commercial airlines do not apply – sharp items, liquids, and firearms are OK, but this should also be discussed with your consultant beforehand.

Can I take a wheelchair on a private jet?

Yes, and the wheelchair can be stored in the cabin storage area, making it conveniently accessible. The private jet boarding process is simple for people in wheelchairs as users will be driven directly to the steps of the aircraft with any other passengers. A ramp is then in place for the wheelchair to be pushed up the plane. Increased leg room, more comfortable seating and private amenities will make the flight much more comfortable.

Can I take skis or snowboards on a private jet?

Depending on the amount of equipment you plan to bring will determine the size of aircraft for the charter.  Discuss your luggage requirements with your consultant beforehand and they will recommend an option that will fit your needs. Smaller planes typically have smaller cargo spaces, and this is something you need to factor in when choosing your aircraft.

What’s on a Private Jet

Do private jets have WiFi?

Yes, many of the aircraft in the charter market are equipped with WiFi as this amenity is in high demand. If this is something you wish to have, please notify your consultant who will make finding the best option with WiFi.

How many seats are on the private jets?

STM Charters has access to aircraft that can seat anywhere from 4 up to +400 passengers.

Do private jets have bathrooms?

Yes, interior configurations and amenities differ depending on the type and size of aircraft but the majority of private jets in our network have some sort of bathroom accommodations.

Will there be a flight attendant onboard the private jet?

A flight attendant will be included on any private jet with 10 or more seats. If you would like for a flight attendant to be included on a smaller aircraft, there is generally an additional charge, but STM Charters can facilitate this request.

Boarding & Delays

What if there is bad weather?

If the crew determines the weather conditions are unsafe for flight operations, the flight will be delayed until the weather has passed.

What if there is a mechanical problem with the private jet?

If there is a mechanical issue that is not a quick fix, we will source a replacement aircraft for you and your party to minimize the delay.

Can a private jet be delayed?

STM Charters typically adds buffer into the schedule to allow flexibility in departures in case our clients are running behind.

What part of the airport do I show up to get to the private jet?

Private aviation services typically go through FBO’s (Fixed-Base Operator). Your STM consultant will give the address details of the FBO when you book a private jet charter. Smaller airports will only have one FBO, while other larger airports can have several giving you a choice of which service you’d prefer to use.

When do I need to show up to the airport?

Typically, your departure time is flexible as the charter. If you are running ahead or behind schedule, please notify us of any changes so we are able to provide the best service upon arrival.

What documentation do I need to board the private jet?

The same documentation is required for passengers traveling by private jet as for those traveling on commercial flights. Passengers boarding the private jet are required to show a valid government issued ID (passport if flying internationally). A visa may also be required for visiting certain countries.