Business doesn’t stop when you’re in the air. We understand that, which is why we make sure chartering a business jet from STM Charters is conducive to your work, while being an enjoyable experience. Booking an executive jet remains the most convenient and luxurious method of travel. When you book a business jet with our corporate and executive travel services, you are able to enjoy certain advantages. 

Some of them may be obvious, and some may surprise you. Nevertheless, we encourage you to contact us for your next sports, corporate, or group travel needs and let us surprise you with the sheer majesty of private air travel. 

Costs When Chartering a Business Jet 

While some may think the cost to book a private jet is astronomical, they haven’t compared it to other forms of travel. If your executive or sales team must all reach the same destination for the same event, the costs of getting everyone there on standard commercial flights can be expensive. Not to mention the extras of food, carfare, extra luggage, and incidentals that each team member will list as a travel expense. 

When your company charters a business jet for corporate or executive travel, the amenities are all included. No charges for extra luggage, slimy and overpriced airport food, separate rental cars, or other expenses. Everyone travels together, with fewer restrictions on time and luggage. Your meal catering is handled through the charter. 

With a private charter, you choose the aircraft size and configuration you will need, meaning a smaller aircraft (or larger) that exactly fits your group. Flying private offers a range of sizes and luxury interiors, and you decide which is right for you. Plus, there are many ways to save money when flying by private jet, and STM Charters can give you some tips. 

Convenience When Chartering a Business Jet 

The standout advantages of chartering a business jet all involve convenience. STM Charters ensures our clients enjoy the full benefits of private aviation, which both saves time and offers reach to about 10 times more airports than commercial flights. Private charters can typically land closer to your final destination, and avoid the traffic at a busy commercial travel hub. This means more time spent at your destination and less time getting there. 

Private charters are not limited by an airline’s flight schedule. No more sleeping at the airport or spending hours killing time between flights. And if you’re running late, there’s no need to sprint through the airport. Your charter plane waits for you. Oh, and your pet, if you choose to bring them along. Right on the plane beside you and not in a noisy luggage compartment. 

As you would expect, on an executive jet there is must more room for you and your team to relax and get comfortable. Private jets are quieter and offer more privacy, and are also great places to work if there is a need. Most private aircraft provide Wi-Fi service and other business amenities. 

Security When Chartering a Business Jet 

While your comfort and privacy are at a premium on a private business jet, your security is equally important. At most airports, parking lots for private flyers are usually free and secure 24/7. And, transport drivers are available to load your group’s bags onto the plane. You and your team are always with your belongings, with no worries that luggage will get lost, damaged, or rerouted to Hong Kong. 

When you book a private jet, you avoid the stress and frustration of the dreaded, cattle-herding security lines. While the aircraft captain has the right to search passengers’ bags, there is no line, X-ray machine, wand, or removal of shoes or other items. Aircraft captains typically greet their passengers and verify their identification before escorting the group to the aircraft.

Also, because you travel with your own luggage, and charter flights are generally exempt from more stringent TSA security policies, you can pack whatever you need without fear of how to package liquids or personal electronics. And your belongings are never out of your immediate vicinity if a personal need arises. 

Privacy When Chartering a Business Jet 

Commercial flights are slaves to a demanding schedule that is too often delayed by outside variables. The most common cause of a delayed flight isn’t weather—it’s a late-arriving aircraft. When you charter a business jet, you choose a departure time that is most convenient for your schedule, which is not published anywhere others can discover. 

Depending on the number of team members in your party, you can book a private jet that seats as few or many as your company needs. This means your team can sleep without being interrupted, or talk about business in the privacy of your own airborne corporate office. Your cabin staff are very attentive to your needs and are never too busy with the crowd to assist you. 

At STM Charters, your travel plans and party members are held in the strictest confidence. No one outside of our organization or yours will know you destination, purposes, company, or plans. STM Charters never promotes colleges, universities, or any clients on our website or marketing materials. Your company business is just that—your business. Our job is simply to get you to and from your destination safely, comfortably, and privately. 

STM Charters leverages our relationships with aircraft operators from around the globe to offer your corporate or executive group the benefits of preferred pricing and exceptional quality. We are experts in sourcing any size aircraft 24 hours per day, and can handle any requests big or small. We are determined that our clients will receive the best customer service resources in the aviation world. 

E-mail us at or complete this form to speak with one of our air charter consultants. They can answer more of your questions, and begin the process of booking your next corporate or executive trip.

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