When you have an important event or meeting to get to, you want to make sure you’re flying the best private air charter in the business. But what do you look for when choosing your air charter service?

We’re here to help.

Whether you’re a team flying to a sporting event, an executive, or just looking to elevate your next vacation, you deserve to fly the best. So, let’s get into it! Here’s the best tips for how to choose air charter service partner.

Fly Confidently and Safely

This seems like a no-brainer when thinking about the best private air charter, but not all services are the same. Many companies will claim to be safe, but it’s important that they can demonstrate how they manage safety concerns.

When researching air charter services, check that aircraft are receiving regular, third-party safety audits. One such auditor is ARGUS International, who STM Charters has chosen to partner with to conduct routine audits.

As an independent auditor, ARGUS has developed the ARGUS CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) program to ensure the safety for charter operators, buyers, and passengers. In their evaluation, they check the aircraft historical safety rating, conduct background checks on equipment and pilots, and conduct on-site audits.

Your safety is always a primary concern. Be sure that you’re booking the best private air charter by only booking charter companies that conduct regular safety audits.

Your Privacy Matters

One of the luxuries of flying on a private aircraft is knowing that you maintain complete privacy on every flight. Whether flying for business, or with your sports team, it’s important that you feel secure.

Reputable air charters, like STM Charters, never advertise who their passengers are. Promoting specific colleges, teams, or clients can lead to a lack of security that may compromise passengers’ intentions for flying.

When you are choosing the best private air charter, remember that you have a right to ask that your name is kept in confidence. If an air charter service wants to use your group’s name in their marketing materials, proceed with caution—you deserve to fly without wondering who knows your business.

Reliable Service that Gets You There On-Time

One of the advantages of choosing private air charter flight over a commercial flight is knowing that you’ll get where you want when you want. Additionally, you have the luxury of choosing what kind of aircraft you want to fly on (small, large, amenities, etc.).

Companies like STM Charters partner with the most reliable aircraft operators in the US. These partners can access any size aircraft to suit your needs, without the hassle of relying on commercial airline rules and schedules.

Of course, weather and unforeseen events happen, but the best private air charter services will make sure to provide appropriate, safe solutions. Your air service partners should be committed to quality, punctuality, and safety—meaning they have the staff and customer service to make adjustments to your flight as-needed.

Not only that, but private flights often can land at more airports and fly more routes. That means that your chances of being on time are much higher than commercial flights that are subject to high-traffic airports.

When you’re ready to book your private air charter, be sure that they have a proven reputation as a reliable charter service that is capable of providing on-time service and solutions for your unique travel needs. Ask how long they’ve been operating, what airlines they partner with, and what they’re track record is for providing on-time service.

The Best Quality for the Best Passengers

From short business trips, to international travel, you want quality not just quantity. Commercial flights specialize in getting as many people and bags onto a flight as possible. But the best private air charters ensure you have everything you need to fly at your speed and your way.

A great air service partner will give you a variety of options for air travel. No matter what size aircraft you want to charter, your accommodations should meet the highest standards.

This is particularly important for private charters of under 20 people. Check that your charter service gives you options. You should be able to choose from a variety of private aircraft that allow for VIP configurations when needed so you can relax, work, or commune with fellow passengers in comfort.

At partners like STM Charters, you’ll have options from a 5-seater Cessna 304, to a Boeing 747-400. Additionally, you should expect the same, comprehensive customer service regardless of which aircraft you choose. Ask if your service partner provides 24-hour service, so you know that they can accommodate any changes.

Our mission is to be your trusted air travel partner and elevate your flying experience. We want you to feel like you’re more than just a number on a seat and like you’re a part of our air travel family.

If you’re looking to book your next private air charter, check out our instant quote tool to learn more about how we can customize your flying experience to be the best you’ve ever had!

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