When you think of air charter service, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably: “You’ve got to be rich to do that!”

While private air charters can be luxurious, they are more accessible now than ever before.
Whether you’re a collegiate sports team or an executive, it’s time to consider private air charter service.

Slam Dunk Air Charter Service for Sports Teams

Athletics are big business in the United States, especially college sporting events. Hundreds of teams travel throughout the year to participate in sporting events, most often by air.

It’s important for teams to get to their destination on time. When teams are subject to commercial air schedules, that can put a trip in jeopardy. Weather, security process, and plane issues can all present delays that affect team travel.

Furthermore, athletic programs have fiscal responsibilities that can present challenges to athletic administrators. Scheduling an entire team and their support staff on a commercial flight can become a very expensive and laborious endeavor.

Using a dependable air charter service can help you meet your budget. STM Charters created a unique cost-savings model that makes pricing more accessible to athletic administrators and has the potential to save them thousands of dollars year after year.

With private flights, collegiate sports teams can streamline their air travel process to avoid the pitfalls of commercial air service. Private air charter service gives athletic teams the advantage of private, secure, reliable service. Private flights also have the ability to land at more airports and allow teams to bypass the heavy security at large airports.

Reputable air charter services like STM Charters provide private air travel. It’s important that your team can trust their air travel partner, which means they don’t advertise who’s flying or use team or organization names in marketing materials.

It’s also important that your air charter service understands the unique needs of team travel. Check that they have a long track record of reliable service before booking.

Elite Air Travel for Executives

Executive and corporate air travel is a common reason for considering private air charter service. Arriving to meetings on time is a priority for you, and should be for your air service. Additionally, you may be on-the-job as you fly, which means you need appropriate accommodations in-flight.

Booking a private air charter service gives you the freedom to fly in an aircraft of your choice with 24/7 customer service that can adapt to your changing needs. Charter services like STM can help you if specific issues arise with timing or aircraft so that you have everything you need to get your work done well.

Privacy and security are also paramount. You deserve to know that your business is only your business. Your private air charter service should not advertise your business or share any of your flight details.

Rockstar Entertainment Air Charters

When you have a big event with crew and gear, it’s important to know that you’ll arrive ready and rested to perform well.

Flying with an air charter service gives you the ability to choose the size of your aircraft, flight time, and customize your in-flight accommodations. It also gives you access to 24/7 support that’s able to adapt to your needs.

You’ll get to depart and arrive in your own private terminal so your group doesn’t need to worry about the public knowing who you are or where you’re going.

And, if you have gear to load, you’ll have easy access to your aircraft and plenty of time to get your stuff secured. No tossing bags and cases around!

Leisurely Travel for Everyone

You don’t have to be famous or an elite athlete to travel on a private air charter. In fact, booking a private flight is a great way to start your leisure travel before you even get to your destination.

Whether you’re flying to summits or the sea, private air charter service gives you endless options that don’t involve waiting in long lines or squeezing into a tiny seat.

You also get the benefit of flying anytime. You’re not limited to big airports with time constraints, or to commercial travel times. You set the schedule, your air charter partner makes it happen. That means more time for enjoying your vacation, and less time stressing about it.

Private air charter isn’t just for the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Whether you’re flying for business or pleasure, STM Charters is ready to help you get the most out of your flight experience. Contact us to learn more about how we can customize your next flying experience!

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