The season is on and the games have started, which means that your team will be traversing cross-country, multiple times a month, to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Getting to and from your destinations isn’t just time consuming, but physically taxing.

What if there was a better way, one that gave your team the rest and recuperation they need, and your athletic program a budget-friendly travel option? Enter in private charter flights for collegiate sports travel.

If you’re an athletic program that’s been looking for a way to reduce stress and travel time and support your team, then read on! We’ve got some tips and facts you need to know before you book your team’s travel plans.

More Rest Means Better Performance

Every team’s goal is to win, but in order to be successful, teams need to plan accordingly. That’s not just the hours of sleep at night, but how players approach their every-day life, including travel.

With private air charter flights, collegiate sports teams have the benefit of traveling, without the cramped quarters of a bus, or long lines at airports. Those seemingly small things can add up to slower recovery times, the potential for injury, and mental stress.

Collegiate athletes need time for short-term and long-term recovery. Short-term recovery is the hours just after an event, which may include stretching and replenishing nutrients. Long-term recovery occurs in the days and weeks between playing and practice. This time is essential for players to rest, but if they are spending more time on the road, this recovery can be slowed or even hindered.

Flying on private charter flights gives your team more options so that they can spend less time traveling and more time focusing on the important process of recovery or even their school work. With a more reliable travel option, your team will have space to move around, without worrying about other passengers.

Most importantly, when your team is rested and at ease, they play better! When players are spending hours and hours traveling, sometimes for full days at a time, sleep deprivation can occur and hinder performance. Sleep is necessary to repair muscle tissue, regulate hormones, and lower cortisol levels.

On a private charter flight, you’ll have more time, space, and privacy to rest in the way you need.

Service With You in Mind

When you’ve got games to get to, you have to be there on time. No one wants to roll into the arena with just minutes to spare and feeling frustrated. This can lead to more stress, poor performance, and frustration.

So, why not try a private charter flight to ease those frustrations?

Did you know that when you fly privately, you’ll have access to more airports, not just those served by commercial airlines? It’s true! Private charter flights have the ability to land at numerous smaller, private airports. That means you’re not subject to the busy commercial airport schedules and can fly into airports closer to your event.

Flying private is the most reliable way to travel. If weather stirs up, your private charter flight partner can work with you to find travel solutions to get you to your destination safely and on-time. If mechanical issues arise, your air charter service can provide aircraft options.

One of the biggest benefits of a private charter flight is not being subject to the jam-packed schedules of commercial flights—no waiting for late passengers, late planes, or overbooked airplane hangars. You taxi right up to your private gate, with ground transportation waiting just outside the airplane doors. That’s service!

Private Charter Flights May Be More Affordable Than You Think

When you hear “private charter flight,” you likely think, ‘There’s no way we can afford that!’ But with so many air travel options these days, many private air charter services offer options for almost any budget—even collegiate sports teams.

When researching options for private charter flights, be sure to ask what their experience is working with athletic programs.

Companies like STM Charters, who have a long track record of working with collegiate sports teams, will usually offer unique pricing options that serve their athletic clientele.

At STM, we’ve developed a unique cost-savings model for athletic programs that have saved teams thousands of dollars year-after-year. If your managing team trips, you need travel costs to be measurable and competitive. Your air charter service should provide that, without any conditions to market your team or events.

Flying a private charter flight isn’t just more convenient, it gives you the added benefit of knowing you have an air travel partner, willing to find solutions 24/7. If you’re ready to book your next team trip, contact STM Charters today to learn about our winning options.

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