The collegiate game season is year-round. You know what that means: flight after flight after flight while expecting your team to play their A-game. 

From basketball to baseball, soccer, tennis, football, and more, your players are trying to get their heads into game-mode (and their bodies into rest mode!). Meanwhile, your Athletic Department is busy booking their many accommodations.

A great solution for helping your athletes and department mitigate stress, as well as get the rest they need, is to fly with a private airplane charter.

Scheduling Stress

When your games are coast-to-coast, your team can expect to be in the air for an average of five hours—if everything runs smoothly. Plus the time spent at TSA, at check-in, waiting at the gate, then going and coming from the airport. That’s a lot of time spent traveling, for games that are often that same night or the afternoon following travel!

You’re also subject to delays, which can further complicate traveling as a team: there are so many schedules to sync up. From your bus to the airport, then the airplane’s arrival, to your own team members showing up on time, so much is left to chance. Especially your players’ stress levels.

A benefit of using private airplane charters for athletic teams is that your team has a dedicated operations coordinator with a background in travel planning and a copy of your game schedule. They’ll take care of coordinating details like making sure equipment is on board, your team has increased security, and gets to where they need to be, when they need to be there—as effortlessly, and efficiently, as possible.

Avoid Jet Lag with In-Flight Rest

Rest and flying are notorious for being a rare combination. Not only is it hard to get sleep in standard airline seating, but arrangements and seat neighbors can be uncomfortable. 

Sleep is incredibly important for athletes, especially when it comes to performance. A lack of sleep can cause changes in glucose metabolism and neuroendocrine function that lead to a negative impact on an athlete’s nutritional, metabolic, and endocrine status—meaning reduced athletic performance. The Gatorade Sports Science Institute also mentions that athletes performing in the afternoon or evening can see benefits from even a brief nap.

Private air charters improve athletic performance by offering athletes a better travel experience. From seating to accommodations, collegiate teams have the option to customize flights to their travel schedule. Experience fewer delays than with a commercial airline and run through play-by-plays with your team.

The STM Charters Promise

Whether you’re looking to get your athletes the rest they need, or want to keep your team together—and away from fans—you always have a variety of options.

Our team contracts over 300 NCAA athletic teams every year. Not only do we have years of expertise in collegiate travel but we also have unparalleled customer service and strive to exceed your expectations, flight after flight.

Our clients have more flexibility and efficiency in the way that they travel. If there’s a private airport closer to your college or university, simply board there. Once your team is aboard, you’re off. Arrive at your destination quicker.

Empower your athletes to make game-changing split-second decisions by ensuring that they get the rest they need. Collegiate teams that are focused and full of energy have great winning streaks.

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