From figuring out how to avoid paparazzi, accommodating your whole team, and traveling with your gear, planning a tour can be stressful.

That’s why partnering with an experienced entertainment air charter team is vital to simple, low-stress travel. 

Charter Flight Logistics

Whether you’re planning a multi-city tour or need to get to one city with efficiency, aviation consultants have experience translating tour legs into flight logistics.

When planning an entertainment tour, you’ve got less room for schedule delays and errors. Not to mention all the equipment and cargo space needed for performing.

The more headline-worthy your act is, the more equipment you need to be transported. Most musicians and entertainers have preferred audio, lighting, video, and maintenance equipment—sometimes catering equipment, too.

That’s where a good air consultant at an entertainment air carrier comes in. Chartered planes are one of the most practical ways that rock bands, comedians, and entertainers can travel. This is because your air consultant, or operation coordinator, has worldwide relationships they can utilize to streamline your travel.

Traveling with Gear

Orchestras and large musical groups often need more cargo room than space for people. And, as mentioned above, other entertainers with large sets. The amount of gear and equipment needed makes commercial flights a risky decision.

Air charter companies are a great option for groups and performers that have equipment that needs to travel with them. Plus, it’s a great way for teams to run through performance set schedules or even bond while in the air.

With access to different aircraft, air charter brokers can find the best option for your unique needs. Going on a multi-city tour that makes catching some Z’s a top priority for your flight? Need the reassurance that your gear is on board with you? Want to accommodate your team or get some extra practice? These are just some of the benefits of entertainment air charter.

Flying Private…Privately

When compared to commercial airlines, a big plus for chartered planes is your increased privacy and safety.

A commonality between most air charter consultants is the protection of their client’s privacy. From aircraft auditing to flight operations and management staff training and background checks, entertainment air charters complete an elevated amount of background work.

Not only do private planes help entertainers avoid uncomfortable seating and situations, but you’ll experience personalized service and comfort. Want to learn more about how charter flights streamline the touring process? Chat with one of our operations coordinators today.

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