Travel is getting increasingly popular; however, between longer security lines, decreased carry-on sizes, and delayed flights, flying can feel like such a hassle. 

But is flying privately the solution for you? What are the factors that go into deciding to fly commercial over private?

Evaluating Costs: Can Chartering a Private Jet Actually be Cheaper?

We know what you’re thinking, and yes: sometimes private air travel actually can be cheaper than flying commercial. But that depends on a number of factors.

Cost is a big deal-breaker for most travelers, so we’ll address it first.

Flying commercial hands down offers the lowest costs when purchasing coach or standard seat tickets. The cost of flying commercial is also lower in first or business class if flying alone or in a group of two.

However, if you’ve got a bigger group that is flying to, say Las Vegas, each commercial first class ticket could easily add up from $500 to be in the high thousands. When compared to the cost to charter a private jet, the private air charter might end up being more cost-effective for your group. 

Additionally, when you fly commercial, you may need to account for additional driving time, long security lines, and the possibilities of delays.  You should also consider checked baggage fees for additional luggage or larger items, like surfboards and musical instruments.

What You Can Expect When Flying Privately

The biggest difference between an air charter and commercial flight is the attention to detail placed on every level of service: when you fly privately, you’re more than just a seat filler—you’re a client and valued partner.

While commercial flights have to take off and land within a certain time frame to stay on track on their flight schedule, private planes give passengers the ability to schedule their flights at the times that work best for them. Oftentimes the costs of chartering a private jet or living lavishly are highlighted when discussing charter flights, but for individual business flyers or families with business flyers that don’t have a moment to spare waiting around or inline, a private jet may be most cost-effective for them.

Speaking of saving time, private plane travelers don’t need to stand around waiting in a security or customs line: they get their own, which is even shorter than the TSA pre-check lines for travelers checking in and out of the U.S.

Flying privately is the epitome of flying in comfort: with all the soft seats, the spacious cabin, the ability to travel with your pets, and the privacy to talk freely. Not only that, but you arrive in your destination feeling rested and relaxed, instead of cramped and jet-lagged. Plus, you have the ability to fly into closer, smaller airports, allowing you to start your trip as soon as your plane lands.

Which Solution is Best for You?

Flying privately is not something only millionaires or celebrities can afford; while it can be expensive, air charters are valuable to individuals or groups that want to save time and cut down on the hassles that come along with flying commercial.

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