College athletics is a big deal in the United States, which means that teams need a reliable way to travel from city-to-city. From ground transportation to air travel, athletic departments are tasked with finding safe modes of getting teams, and their equipment, to the big game on time. 

One of the most efficient ways for teams to travel is by air. Collegiate sports team air charters allow teams to easily travel to destinations with a host of advantages, from spacious seating arrangements to in-flight amenities. But flying by private air charter may also help athletic departments working on a strict budget.

If you’re considering chartering aircraft for a team, here’s a few things you’ll definitely want to consider!

Aircraft for Collegiate Sports Team Air Charters

While all college sports teams will have to travel at some point, the big ones are probably those you’re already thinking about: football and basketball. With the popularity of both sports across the country, many Division I teams have moved towards air travel to accommodate the team’s busy schedules

Aircraft needs and desires shift from team-to-team, but for many athletic departments, finding a cost-effective option is most important. One example would be the Dornier 328 Jet, like the one that Gonzaga’s basketball team flies. A comfortable, regional jet, it holds up to 30 passengers and can have various seating configurations depending on team needs.

For teams with a more robust budget or number of passengers, an athletic department may opt for chartering an airliner, like a Boeing 737. Extra space allows for equipment to travel with the team, and any support staff to also be accommodated on the flight. Additional amenities, such as team logos on napkins or headrests are also available, but not necessarily typical.

The important part of choosing an aircraft for collegiate sports team air charters is to make sure that it’s safe and reliable. Working with air charter consultants who specialize in sports team travel is a great way to know that you’re choosing the most cost-effective aircraft, with the best route, the best service, and that you’re flying with carriers who have the best reputation for safety.

Cost Matters for Your Private Air Charter  

College athletic departments have to follow budgets and team travel can certainly consume a large portion of those budgets. Teams that hail from more remote regions may find that their travel costs increase since they have a farther distance to travel. That’s when an air charter consultant can be a valuable resource for booking flights. 

Experienced air charter services like STM Charters have spent years developing relationships with both athletic departments and air carriers to ensure that pricing meets the needs of each group. In fact, STM Charters created its own cost-savings model that is designed to help athletic departments meet their budget and actually save money, year-after-year.

Of course, the more sizable your team’s budget, the more perks you can receive such as full-service catering, logos, seating arrangements, and technology, like WiFi. Your air charter consultant will know exactly which questions to ask to ensure that your collegiate sports team air charter has everything you need. 

Rest Up for the Big Game

One of the biggest challenges for collegiate teams is balancing their busy playing schedules with their school schedules. Athletes often spend copious amounts of time practicing, traveling, and attending games, which makes travel accommodations that much more important. When they can rest well, they also have more time and energy to devote to their studies.

Collegiate sports team air charters give athletes the advantage of traveling more quickly due to airports being located closer to venues, and shorter travel time thanks to the speed of air travel versus ground travel. This means that athletes who play on a Saturday can be back home to spend Sunday studying, rather than trying to finish schoolwork on a bus. 

Aircraft can also be configured to maximize space allowing athletes to move around and rest in ways that they can’t on a bus. Not only does this help their studies, but it also gives them the rest they need to arrive at their game ready to play instead of feeling exhausted. 

STM Charters is, of course, a big fan of private air charters. We not only know the advantages it provides teams and their athletic departments, we know what it takes to source the best air carriers to meet the unique needs of each team. In fact, we’ve been doing it for decades. If you need help booking collegiate sports team air charters, we want to be on your team. Contact us today to get a quote and fly with confidence!

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