We’ve all been there—squeezing through the aisle to grab the dreaded “middle seat,” only to learn that you have to sit for an hour at the gate. Or worse, your flight gets canceled. If you’re trying to get to a big meeting on-time, that could be a literal deal-breaker. 

You should never have to worry about making a meeting, a connecting flight, or a big event. Your time and comfort matter, which is why private air charters may be for you. 

If you’re weighing the options for your next flight, read on to learn why flying on a chartered plane could be the best thing to ever happen to your itinerary. 

Convenience Reigns on a Chartered Plane

There are many reasons to fly private, but probably one of the biggest is the overall convenience afforded to you and your group. You have more control over everything from the schedule to amenities. It’s almost like being the captain, at least of the airplane cabin. 


Imagine arriving at your next vacation refreshed, smiling, on-time, and excited to hop off the plane and onto the beach. No long lines. No frustration. It’s possible on a privately chartered plane

No matter the size of your group or why you’re flying, chartered planes can be an excellent way to ensure that you maximize comfort. Many aircraft offer various seating configurations and amenities, like the popular midsize jet that can seat 8-10 people with extra leg and headroom for enjoying the flight. 

If luxury is what you’re looking for, your air charter consultant can guide you to the best aircraft options that accommodate any travelers discerning taste. 


There aren’t many things as frustrating as being stuck in the airport watching the minutes tick by while you wait for a late flight. But you don’t have much choice when flying commercial. 

A little-known fact: smaller private aircraft have the ability to land at far more airports than commercial airlines, making your options nearly endless. Smaller private aircraft can access more airports because they don’t need a long runway. It’s the difference between 500-600 airports you can access, and 5,000!

With a privately chartered plane, you help control the schedule. You and your air charter consultant can work together to decide what airports are in close proximity to your destination and which carriers can fulfill your needs best. 

Lines Be Gone

These days, you have to arrive at a commercial airport up to 2 hours early just to fly one state over. And even then, you never know how long security will be or if your flight will be on-time. 

While you still need to go through security when flying on a privately chartered plane, you’re not doing so with thousands of other people. It’s just you and your group. And when you land, you don’t have to wait for the twenty rows ahead of your to grab luggage and start moving. Just stand up and go!

Privacy and Safety

When you fly private, your business (literally) is only your business. The only people on your flight are the ones you choose to be there—and your friendly crew, of course. 

For many executives or athletic teams, it’s important to feel that their work and travel schedules are confidential. Important business conversations can be conducted with confidence when you fly on a privately chartered plane. No more worrying about who can hear you or what they may see on your laptop.

Regardless of what aircraft you fly, or where you’re flying to, always check that your air charter carrier and consultants adhere to FAA 121 and 135 regulations. Qualified consultants will have extensive knowledge of FAA regulations and understand how to work within local and national FAA standards. Some of these regulations involve safety analysis, aircraft validation, and pilot background checks.

You deserve to know that your air charter partners are committed to safety first


A successful flight isn’t just about what’s cheapest. It’s about making sure your travel experience meets your expectations, or in the case of STM Charters, that your flight exceeds expectations. If you’ve been considering a privately chartered plane for your next journey, we’d love to help. 

Our experienced consultants have the tools to help you choose the right carrier to meet all your unique travel needs. Contact us today to take off towards excellence!

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