Booking private jet services for entertainment tours is a great option for musical groups of all sizes, dance groups, or even for the film industry. Basically, if you’re traveling entertainers, you want to know that you—and your gear—will get there safely and well-rested.

That means you need some key details before making your final decision about chartering a flight. What are those details? We’re going over the essentials so you know what to ask when you meet with your private aviation partner. 

Private Jet Services that Carry the Load

Perhaps you are part of an orchestra, or a school musical group, or a more robust music and dance act that has a large amount of gear. One of the most important things to consider is the cargo capacity of your aircraft. 

If you have a large group with extensive cargo, it may be necessary to charter a cargo aircraft to ensure that your gear arrives with the utmost care taken 

Your cargo could include anything from music stands and instruments, to staging and lighting. It’s crucial that your gear has a place to fly, too! Not to mention, your valuables need to be free of damage

All too often, flying commercial airlines or with inexperienced air partners can lead to gear mishaps. Broken lights, damaged cases, or instrument issues can be a real problem if you are on a tight schedule. Choosing a private jet service with experience can help you avoid those costly issues. 

Air Charters that Meet the Demand of Tour Schedules

A unique aspect of private entertainment air charters is the potential for seamless multi-stop tours. Meeting the demands of a busy schedule can be a challenge, so ensure that your air service partner has experience managing tight schedules. 

Consider some of the following things when looking for reliable air service:

  • Amenities to help your group feel rested and rejuvenated when they arrive
  • Customer service any time, any day to address schedules changes
  • Ability to provide air charters that span long periods of time
  • Global flight options for international tours

Ground Crew

Don’t forget about what’s happening on the ground! When choosing your air charter partner for tours, you need to make sure that airports have proper ground crew to accommodate both the group and your gear. 

If you have enough gear to necessitate a cargo plane, it will be necessary to have extra hands to unload and load. Make sure to ask your private charter service about what airports you would land at and the availability of ground crew that has experience and knowledge working with entertainment groups.

Do you need private jet services that can stay in tune with your group’s needs? Then contact STM Charters to learn more about our extensive aircraft options and our top-notch customer service that’ll make your whole group sing!