Convenience and efficiency are key when it comes to corporate and executive private jet charter. In a recent Harris Poll about business aviation, it was found that 51.6 of passengers stated: “that traveling on business aircraft enables them to keep business schedules that could not be met efficiently using the scheduled airlines.” 

Why is private air travel so much more efficient? There’s a number of reasons and if you’re considering a private jet for executive travel, you deserve to know your options and advantages.

More Airports Open to Private Jet Charter

Flying a private jet for business travel means that passengers are likely flying on smaller jets, from turboprops to light jets that hold up to ten people. One of the advantages of flying on a smaller jet means access to more airports. 

Larger jets require longer runways, whereas a smaller jet can land at airports that have shorter runways. Since many rural or municipal airports have smaller runways, smaller private jets have more options for landing. That means passengers can get closer to their intended destination.

In fact, according to the same Harris Poll cited above, pilots reported that 31.5 percent of their private flights were to airports with no regularly scheduled service. With no other aircraft landing, private jet charters have the luxury of making their own schedule, perfect for busy professionals who have meetings to attend at specific times. When you choose a private jet charter to fly, you have control over the schedule. 

Productivity Increases on Executive Jet Charter

Private jets can certainly save time, but they’re also helping professionals get their work done. Offering spacious accommodations, seating configurations, WiFi, and privacy, passengers have the opportunity to work free of distraction. Think of a private jet charter like a boardroom in the sky!

Whether passengers are flying solo or in a larger group, air charter consultants can help to source the best carrier and jet size. If your group needs to conduct a meeting in-flight, options are available for seating, tables, and technology that keep the work going.

It’s important to be well-nourished while on-the-job, too. While many private jet charters come with standard beverage service, you can also arrange to have additional food and beverage service, especially for those longer cross-country flights. 

Keep Your Business Only Your Business

One of the primary reasons groups choose to fly on private jets is for privacy and security

While flying on private jet charters still requires that passengers go through security screening, they get to skip the long lines and have full awareness of who is on their flight. Working with reputable air charter consultants can give you confidence that you’re choosing the best carriers, pilots, and crew members who are fully qualified to provide superior service. 

Many corporate professionals may be conducting business that deals with proprietary information. Considering the sensitive nature of their work, it can be that much more important their work is kept private. Flying an executive air charter ensures that all phone calls, emails, meetings, and negotiations never leave the flight cabin.

Additionally, well-known groups can rest assured that their names won’t be advertised by trusted carriers. Be sure to ask your air charter consultant about which carriers ensure privacy and which may not.  

STM Charters prides itself on helping busy professionals get their business done right. We are experts at finding aircraft of any size and configuration to ensure that your unique needs are met, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re looking to book private air charter, contact us today and we’ll take the stress of booking travel off your plate, so you can get to business.

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