The Holiday season is approaching quickly! Visiting your loved ones doesn’t have to be stressful…from busy terminals to long lines, baggage claim, and seat neighbors, flying commercial during the holidays is anything but exciting. 

What better way to start your vacation than by flying in the comfort and reliability of a private jet charter?

Private Jet Charters Save Time

Forget the long lines that you wait in when flying with commercial airlines—flying private for the holidays helps you stay time conscious. 

Flights themselves are shorter, too, because you have more airport options. Private jet charters can take off and land at smaller airports than commercial airlines, meaning that there are more airports closer to your destination.

And if you live near a small private airport or airfield, you can avoid traffic and depart from there. 

Air Travel Designed to Fit Your Schedule

Subject to weather conditions, like fog, snow, and ice, commercial flights can be delayed and canceled. When holiday travelers fly private, they are often able to avoid these weather conditions by using alternative airports that experience milder weather conditions.

Commercial flights are more often delayed by other late flights—private jet charters stick to your schedule. Flexible scheduling is another perk of using a jet from private holiday air travel. Eliminate the inconvenience of limited flight schedules and set the time that works best for you and your family.

Comfortable Air Travel During the Holiday Season

Leg space galore! Private jet charters often have much more space and seat configurations so you can travel in comfort—and in style.

You’ll also get personalized service, any catering requests, and don’t have the baggage restrictions that flying commercial would. Depending on your group size or luggage requirements, your cargo space can be catered to your needs.

Many private jet charters are also equipped with WiFi so you can stay connected while on your journey, and keep your younger holiday travelers entertained with TV, music, and movies.

The Safest Private Holiday Air Travel

Air charter consultants have a duty to protect the privacy and safety of their clients. When flying with STM Charters, every member of our team is a director of safety. 

Our operations and management staff have more air carrier experience than any other charter consultant in the industry. You can travel rest assured that your aircraft, pilots, and team are more than the industry standard.

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be stressful—enjoy quality time with your family while in the air.

Private air travel isn’t limited to just this festive season, too. Travelers can experience benefits year-round! Make any family trip more relaxed, enjoyable, and comfortable. Spend more time at your destination, and less time getting there.

The STM Charters Team wishes everyone a happy holiday season and safe travels.

STM Charters…
Because The Experience Matters.