SPORTS TEAM Air Charters


With a 72 year track record of providing award winning travel solutions, over 1,000 charter flights successfully completed each year for the top Universities across the nation, industry leading customer service, and our one of a kind, fiscally responsible cost savings model, STM Charters continues to set the standard for Collegiate athletic team travel in the United States.

Fiscal responsibilities of athletic programs are one of the most important challenges athletic administrators deal with each year, and STM Charters has gone to great lengths to design a truly unique cost savings model that is both measurable and compelling. Our athletic administrator partners have saved thousands of dollars year after year with STM Charters. 

STM Charters is known in the industry as the contingency plan experts, and we start by partnering exclusively with the most reliable aircraft operators in the US. Our operator partners have a consistent track record of on-time performance, and high mission success rates. In the event of an unforeseen disruption in your scheduled travel plans, STM Charter's Operations Department will work swiftly with the team to determine the best course of action, and provide appropriate solutions. 

One of our most important policies is your security.  Your team’s privacy is a very big part of this, and we take it very seriously. We will never “promote” your logos or brands on our website, and we will never ask to.  You charter aircraft during season for a reason, and in addition to getting you to your destination and home safely is our paramount concern, your privacy is a very close second.  No one needs to know your business.